Hunger Games District Assignments

Get them in please. At the moment I don’t have enough players and if we don’t get more by October 1st I’m going to have to cancel our Hunger Games week. 

People I’ve heard from:

  • Susan
  • Sami
  • Court
  • Dani
  • Ally
  • Julie
  • Kellie
  • Katie
  • Karlee
  • Chelle
  • Carrie

There’s a lot more of you out there, please get your info in if you’d like to keep the game on

/cough why isnt amy adams the fc for giselle?

I shall answer you’re lovely question anon with this….because I’m lazy.

You see, we had a former mun who wanted Karen Gillian for Tooth Fairy but we already had a Merida who has the FC of Karen Gillian so her second choice was Amy Adams so I just switched the FC’s around and I never changed them back after that mun left us. 

However, the follow up answer is that all FC changes are considered and 99% of the time they’re accepted so if you’re looking at Giselle feel free to ask for Amy as the FC

Hunger Games District Assignments

Get them in please if you haven’t already. If you need help just ask.

is Lincoln Wineyard (Lock) still taken?

Yes he is, the mun playing him has been busy with life and school and hasn’t be on much, but he is still taken. Is there another character I could interest you in nony?

Don’t forget to get your district assignments in. If you don’t get them in you don’t get to play and if I don’t have enough people playing by October 1st I’m gonna have to scrap the whole thing. If you want to participate you need to send me those district assignments. You can ask me for help, I love helping, but I can’t help if you don’t ask.


Hunger Games Update

I know I said I’d announce how we’re going to do this on the 10th but I’ve figured it out and I’m going to let you know now

This years hunger games is the 75th Hunger Games making it a Quarter Quell. All tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of victors.

So, how this is going to work is as follows, everyone is a victor….however not everyone will be told what year they won. What I mean by that is, I did the math, and if everyone got assigned a games by age (with the youngest going first) then that would put Anya’s victory at like 35 years in the past making her late 40’s at the youngest…….Anya is 26 so I’ll just let you imagine how many years ago it would be for those older than her. Because I don’t want to age our characters prematurely I will run things as follows:

  • All district assignments are due by October 1st. Anyone who doesn’t have that info in by the time I log on on October 1st will not be playing. If I’m missing a gender from a district I may ask for reassignments
  • The reaping will take place Monday October 13th. All characters that are reaped will be assigned a year that they won (for example if Anya was reaped I’d say that she won at 17 which was 9 years ago making her the victor of the 66th games). The characters that aren’t reaped will not be assigned a year. They will still be victors, just not of a specific games
  • Friday October 17th the winner of the games will be reaped by me and announced. The victor will be listed under a readmore so that way those who like to be surprised can be. IF YOUR CHARACTER IS IN THE GAMES I WILL REQUIRE YOU TO LIKE THE POST WITH THE VICTOR ANNOUNCED SO THAT WAY I KNOW YOU READ IT
  • The games will start on Monday October 20th and will go for a week. If you aren’t the victor it is up to your character how and when you will die, just as long as you do. If your character is noticed avoiding what would be fatal wounds, I might use my powers as gamemaker and sound a canon for you. If you’d like your character to be killed by a trap of the games please don’t hesitate to ask us to kill your tribute.

A couple other things. If you are in the games, we encourage you to come up with a headcanon of how your character won their games. If you aren’t in the games, feel free to do it anyway. Headcanons are fun and we like them. If you aren’t in the games, feel free to send help to your district mate or react as if you are watching the games, just remember to be reasonable with your influence if you do decide to help. There is a limit to the money you have and sending things to the tributes is expensive. And last but not least, if you need help deciding what district to place your characters in, I’m always available to help.

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor



Our lovely mod Chelle is currently without laptop so all applications will be put on hold until she gets a new one. So too our applications waiting and anyone who is considering applying, don’t worry your app is in our inbox and we aren’t ignoring you.

Thanks for being patient with us, laptops are important. Hopefully it’ll be soon, but no promises.

Also, get in your district assignments. I’m gonna keep nagging ya until you do.


Hunger Games Week Info

All district assignments need to be in by October 1st. Any character who hasn’t been assigned a district by the time I log onto the main on October 1st will not be participating in our Hunger Games Week. You can send in the district assignments as soon as you’ve figured them out and I’m more than willing to help place characters if you so desire.


Okay bbs, hunger games question

Do you want to do it as a normal hunger games where everyone is between 12 and 18 and no one has ever been reaped before, or do you want to do it like the quarter quell in catching fire and have everyone be a former victor (with the youngest character being the most recent and going from there). Another possibility would be to do a male and female victor and tribute from each district so that way more characters can participate.

Majority vote will win, voting will end on the 10th. Please either reply to this post or message the main with your vote.