Sawyer Tanner | 23 | Barista at Bare Necessities | FC: Candice Accola | Taken

Secret: While she may want to pursue singing and acting, she has a bit of stage fright brought on by her parents disapproval.

Bio: Sawyer Tanner was raised in California by her mother and father. They were not extremely well off, but they were not poor. She went to private school and always did very well in school. Her parents had connections and once she graduated high school she would have a full ride to one of the best business schools in the country. Sawyer, much to the disapproval of her parents, was not interested in business; Her dream was to be on the stage, performing. She tried to convince her parents to let her pursue her dream at a prestigious university out of the country, and they tried to convince her to stay home and get a degree in business. After months of arguing over the matter, she decided to prove them wrong by moving to England. She wound up in a small town called Disney, trying her hardest to get any gig she could. To her surprise, Sawyer developed a bit of stage fright, brought on by her parents disapproval of her pursuing music and acting. Every time she auditioned, she would be so nervous that she completely ruined her chance of landing the part.  After weeks of trying to overcome her fear, she gave up and applied for a job at Bare Necessities as a barista; she has been a barista for the past six months. Sawyer hasn’t spoken to her parents since she got on that plane when she left because she refuses to let them know they were right, and she had failed. 

This is Disney

Nestled in the heart of England is an ever-growing town filled with normal people. They live and die, love and breed. They live their lives day to day, waiting to see how they’ll end up. However, things are not always as they seem in a place called Disney.

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Bryce ‘Barrel’ Wineyard | 25| Mob Member/English Major | FC: Evan Peters | TAKEN

Secret: When Shock poisoned their step-father, Barrel framed their abusive mother for the murder so she would rot in prison instead of his big sister.

Bio: Bryce, or Barrel as he soon came to be called, was the second child in the Wineyard family and things were okay for a few years. He had his older sister and his little brother and his parents. When Bryce was 3, their father walked out the door and didn’t come back. Their mom fell apart. She started drinking, she blamed her kids for their father leaving, and she married a man who the kids would eventually refer to as the Step-fucker. Their step-father was also a rather belligerent drunk and blamed the step-children that he didn’t want for everything. Sharon being the oldest did her best to protect and take care of her brothers. Lincoln was the one most likely to cause trouble, and he always dragged his brother down with him, which prompted Bryce to start hiding anytime their parents came into the room. His preferred hiding place was barrels, which led to his nickname. From a young age he learned how to lie to get himself out of trouble, a talent that he had perfected by the age of ten. He also became rather adept at framing other people and blackmail.

When Bryce turned 10, his step-dad broke his arm for going to a friend’s house where they had planned a surprise party for him. At that point, his sister had had enough, which is when she poisoned their step-dad. Bryce, being the rather quiet and observant boy he was known to be, knew what his sister did and framed their mother. Sharon asked him about it, but he denied any involvement and knowledge. The three were then put in the orphanage and joined that crew. Being the least confrontational of his siblings, he was also the one who didn’t branch out and make a lot of friends. The only person he was genuinely close with other than his brother and sister was Anya. The two made a rather nice sarcastic and rather caustic pair. It was no surprise then when they started dating at the age of 17. Bryce was about the only person Anya could stand at that age because he was the only one who she didn’t manage to drive off with her attitude, mostly because that was when Bryce got into some bad shit as well.

Bryce’s favorite class in school was always English. He was always a fantastic writer with a versatility to his writing that helped him in his criminal activities. By the age of 17 he had already started with identity theft and forgery. He made a fair amount of cash by forging doctors notes for people. It was also how he helped bail his on again off again girlfriend out of jail on several occasions. It was around that time that Lock managed to get himself into a spot of trouble, and ended up needing Hades’ assistance to get himself out of it. Bryce tried to figure out what his brother did, but Lock never told. Thanks to Lock who couldn’t keep mum about the whole mob thing, his siblings found out. Sharon and Bryce both joined to do their best to keep their baby brother out of trouble. Bryce’s involvement with the mob started about the same time that Anya had her little revelation. They both agreed that it was for the best to break up and they did, still remaining good friends. Bryce’s creativity and quick mind led him to help come up with less traceable methods of offing people that the boss wanted gone. He also was put in charge of any and all forgeries that they needed. He hopes to one day be free of the mob to go and be an author or something, but as long as his brother and sister are there he will be there too, keeping an eye on them.

Jessie Parker | 21 | Owns a ranch | FC: Jennifer Lawrence | TAKEN

Secret: She’s always afraid that someone is just going to get sick of her and ditch her, because of her mother. When she was just 7 years old her mother walked out on Jessie and her father.

Bio:  Most people would describe Jessie as a girl who has more energy than she knows what to do with. When she was a child she’d keep her parents up half the night, because she just wasn’t done with everything she wanted to do. Though she’s mellowed out a bit now that’s she’s doing more work on the farm. While most girl’s would hate working on a smelly old farm it’s Jessie’s favorite thing in the world. She enjoys working with all the animals, but naturally loves her horse Bullseye above all. Jessie is a very brave girl and will go out of her way to right the wrongs she sees around town. (Even if her help isn’t exactly wanted.) She also hates to show any weakness to anyone, so she refuses to cry in front of anyone.

Jessie is newer to Disney. She just recently celebrated the first anniversary of when she moved here to start her farm. While she enjoys living in Disney she feels homesick every once, and awhile. She’s a big daddy’s girl and always lets him know how she’s doing out on her own.

Aurora McKinnon | 26 | Works at Fairy Bakery | FC: Blake Lively | TAKEN

Secret: She regrets giving her son up for adoption after he was born when she too was given up, she never wanted that for her future children.

Bio: Aurora never knew her real parents; all she knew was that when she was born she was left on the door step of a home for girls. Growing up she didn’t have it hard, but she didn’t have it all that easy either. She was home school by the home she lived in, until the age of fourteen she had never talked to a single boy before. She hardly did anything but school work and bake. She loved to bake, a skill she learnt in the home, and she does it all the time. When she was fourteen she was adopted into this very wealthy family, who only adopted her to improve their social image.

For the first two years she didn’t like them, she actually hated living with them. They were never around and when they were they ignored her existence; no matter how much she was neglected, she was always showered in gifts and money, allowing her to get anything she wanted and even though most little girls would love to have parents who gave them anything and everything they wanted, Aurora didn’t. Once she turned sixteen her world started to turn, and Aurora thought it was all for the best. At the school she attended, a fancy private prep school, she met a boy- granted she met many boys due to classes but many of them didn’t pay much mind to her because was often quiet and kept to her self and her studies.

Like any other girl she fell for the boy who noticed her, the boy treated her like a princess and treated her the way any girl would want to be treated. She fell and she fell hard for him, and like every other girl when he asked, she gave him what he wanted. It was at a party she was invited to because she was with him, and she wanted to make him happy so she had sex with him, though before the deed had started she said no, that it was a mistake and that she wasn’t ready but he wouldn’t listen but assured it was going to be okay. After that night, she couldn’t look at him the same way again, he still talked to her, spent time with her, and took her out- to him it seemed like nothing changed but that was outside the bed room. In the bedroom it didn’t matter what she said, it didn’t matter how much she protested he still and always got what he wanted. That is, until she got pregnant. She was seventeen, it was her final year of school and she got pregnant.

Aurora never knew how to tell her adoptive parents but when she did, it was the first time that she felt like she was cared for by an adult. Her adoptive mother instantly comforted her. Her adoptive father was of course disappointed and angry at first, but after a day or so of cooling down he sat down with her and talked to her. Aurora hated that it took something like this to bring all three together and make it seem like a family, but she was glad that she finally had one at long last. Her adoptive parents (who by the end of the pregnancy she was able to just call her parents) helped her find a couple who really wanted a child who couldn’t have one. At first she didn’t want to give up the child but she knew she had too, she wasn’t mature enough to be a mother and she didn’t want to ruin her parents reputation (not that it mattered to them right now, but the thought crossed her mind and it did upset her).

The family she gave her son too were nice people, who had a good home, good careers and she knew that they would be able to take care of him. She was torn to decide if it was going to be a closed adoption or not, but the couple said they didn’t want the child to go throughout life without knowing his real mother, so a deal was made. She was too stay in school, get a job- become a mature adult and she was allowed to see him on weekends and babysit him when they needed to go out. It worked for two years, she got to see her son grow up and she was becoming an adult but soon her world changed. The family said that they were moving to England, it broke Aurora’s heart and asked if she could still keep in contact and the family said of course.

After graduating high school she didn’t go to college right away, she wanted to save money so she could go to England to see Davie, but her parents told her they sent in a college application to Disney University and the next semester she’ll be starting school and they got her an apartment. She felt bad, that for once they actually got something for her and not gave her money for it, she wanted to pay them back but they said it was a gift. After living in Disney for a few years, she finally finished up her schooling and she got a job at Fairy’s Bakery and she was happy. She loves to bake, even after  the past years.

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Ferdinand St. Clair  | 34 | Owns Titan’s | FC: Ryan Reynolds | TAKEN

Secret: Ferdinand is wanted by the government for murder.

Bio: Ferdinand, or Nando as his friends used to call him, was an orphan adopted by a powerful Spanish politician when he was five years old. His parents, who were unable to have children, never told him of the adoption and Ferdinand never had any recollection of life before her turned five anyways. Life in the mansion was a privileged one and Ferdinand grew into a spoiled, arrogant bastard. His sarcastic sense of humor and killer good looks won him immense popularity. Nando was living the high life. He was the guy every girl wanted and that every other guy was scared of. (Note. Despite his jerkish demeanor Nando actually does have a heart and can be incredibly sweet, but no one ever really sees that side of him.)  Life for this spoiled little rich boy was perfect. That is until his eighteenth birthday. His “father” had taken him to a party at the president’s house. Ferdinand was placed in a room where the three of them were alone and at the sound of a vase dropping something inside him snapped. Every memory from birth till five came flooding back and there in that very room he snapped the president’s neck. He stepped away from the body appalled at himself, his sanity regaining. His father was trying to explain to Nando what he had just done and why, but Ferdinand couldn’t face it. If what his father was saying was true, he wasn’t really his father. They had trained him as an assassin. He was brain washed and the sound of shattering glass turned him into a ruthless killer. That’s when he ran, ran out of that building, out of the country and into a new life. Ferdinand travled from place to place for years until the wanted posters fell off of walls and he was removed from the most wanted list. Finally he settled here.  He leads a quiet life as the diner owner trying to make some sort of respectable name for himself…even if it’s not entirely his real name… Ferdinand knows they’re still searching for him and that one day he’ll have to pack up and move again but truthfully he is rather attached to this tiny town.

Categories: Best Plot Twist


This category is for you to recognize those plot twists that really stuck with you. Was there one that made you really happy or one that gave you the most feels or that blindsided you the most that you just want to give recognition to, this is the category for you.

For the purpose of this category, plot twist is defined as anything that you had no prior knowledge of. Example: Anya’s pregnancy. You might have known it was going to happen eventually but I doubt you knew when it was happening. On that same note, her going into labor isn’t a plot twist because frankly…it’s not a surprise.

Now, plot twist includes mun driven plot twists and character driven plot twists. If you are confused about what I mean I shall offer some examples using a few plot twists that my characters were part of.

Mun driven: Nando and Anya’s Phases 1 and 2. They were planned out in excruciating detail and executed by us the way we wanted.

Character driven: When Jim and Astrid were so upset by Kevin’s death that they had sex. This plot twist and the definition of plot twist falls strictly into the realm of “I have no control over the character and I have no idea what is going on.”

If you don’t know the name of the thread that the plot twist was in, just give us enough of a description that we can figure out which one you mean.


  • Jim and Astrid getting back together
  • Jack’s coma
  • Lock/Yzma getting together
  • Sebastian becoming deaf/his child being deaf

app for merida kincaid :) ll ACCEPTED!

Name: Kellie
Age: 15
Timezone: UTC-10 (Hawaii)
Activity Level ( 1-10, 1 being least active, 10 being most active): Um probably a 1-5 on weekdays because of school and soccer practice and 3-9 on weekends.
RP Experience (How long): About a year, I think?
Personal Blog: this one

Character Name: Merida Kincaid
Birthday: July 29th, 1990

Time in Disney: 6 years (since 2008)
Secret: When she was 16, a boy from her school attempted to rape her in the locker rooms. She knocked him down against a sink and he broke his neck. The boy died soon after. Merida feels guilty about killing him, but she is scarred from the incident and therefore has trust issues with men.
Bio: Merida was born and raised in Scotland by wealthy descendants of clan DunBroch. She never liked her first-class life. She wanted to be a part of something more substantial. Merida lived for the thrill, which was something that her mother always hated. She and Elinor were always butting heads. Merida wanted to choose her own fate, to live her life how she wanted. Elinor wanted the picture-perfect life for her daughter that she herself had never gotten. Merida always picked fights with the boys at her school while her mother told her to be polite and courteous to them. Merida always came home with mud and grass stains on her clothes, which almost drove Elinor to insanity. The thing Elinor hated most was Merida’s interest in archery. Merida would disappear for hours at a time into the moors with her bow, and come back with a multitude of scratches and some poor animal to eat for supper. No matter how hard Elinor tried, Merida kept her life in her own hands.

Merida’s father, on the other hand, was more accepting of her quirks. He was the one that first taught her how to shoot a bow and arrow. Fergus taught Merida everything she knows about sword fighting and archery. He wanted to pass on his centuries-old family traditions, no matter what Elinor wanted. While both of her parents’ goals were to keep traditions, Merida was more accepting of her father because he didn’t try to force his beliefs on her. He let her come to her own decisions on how she wanted to live her life. 

After she was done with school, Merida had filled out all of her enlistment papers and was ready to join the British Armed Forces. She pulled out at the last second when her father fell seriously ill. Fergus had had a heart attack- it was probably all of the extra mutton chops he shouldn’t have eaten. Merida rushed to the hospital and arrived just in time to see her father die. She blames his death on the technicians. She believes that they could have done more to prevent his death. Enraged, Merida threw all of her prized possessions into her car and left her hometown. She didn’t know where she was going. She just wanted to get away from the ghosts of the life she had once led. She wanted to abandon the thought of her father. Merida knew that if she thought of him she would cry, and that wasn’t acceptable.

She didn’t stop driving until her car broke down on a road in the middle of the forest. She didn’t know where she was, but she got out of her car and started walking. Of course, it started pouring as soon as she was out of range of her car. Miserable and cold, Merida kept walking until she came upon a quaint little town. It wasn’t an underdeveloped town. It had everything a city had, just on a smaller scale. She went into the first business she saw and asked for help. Merida didn’t know how, but she knew that this town was the right place for her. There was nobody to tell her how to live her life. There wasn’t an uncomfortable amount of people. And, best of all, there was acre upon acre of forest surrounding the town. The very next day, Merida put in an offer for a cute little house on the outskirts of town.

After all of this, Merida decided that she wanted to be a nurse. She didn’t want anyone else to have to suffer the same pain that she had. She would get the job done right. She decided to go to medical school, and now she works as a nurse at the hospital.

Headcanons (Tell us some of the little quirks your character has):

- Meri has three younger brothers: Hamish, Hubert, and Harris

- She is an expert in archery, sword fighting, and hand-to-hand combat

- She hasn’t talked to her mother since before her father died

- She has a hard time trusting people

Sample Paragraph (In character, 2 paragraphs):

Merida’s pristine white teeth bit into a dark red apple. She’d plucked it from the apple tree in her very own backyard. Everything about Disney was great. Nobody told her how to live her life. Nobody tried to force her into doing something that she didn’t want to. And her house was far enough away from everyone else that if she didn’t want to be social she could just go home. The few things she missed were her brothers, her horse Angus, and her father. One of those things she could never get back.

She tossed her apple core on the leaf-covered ground. It was okay; it’d be food for some small critter. Merida forced any thoughts of her father out of her mind. She hadn’t shed a single tear for him and she didn’t plan on breaking that streak. Disney was her escape from her past, so she couldn’t go about reminiscing. She was supposed to worry about making friends, or what she would eat for supper the next day. Merida knew the lock on her heart would break someday and all of her emotions would spring forth like lava from a volcano, but someday wasn’t that day.

Possible Ships (No ships will happen unless approved by the other characters’ roleplayers): just chemistry
FC Suggestion: Karen Gillan is perfect :)
Housing Request: House K please
Password: 10