Hunger Games District Assignments

District 1:

Angelica DiNozzo, Esmeralda Chatigner, Sawyer Tanner, Megara Olyph, Markos Olyph, Ken Davis

District 2:

Anya Rominoff, Ferdinand St. Clair, Jacksen Skellington, Callum Westwood

District 3:

Bryce Wineyard, Milo Thatch, Penny Forrester

District 4:

Avery Skellington, Nemo Fisher, Sebastian Crabbe, Barbie Dolly, Lilo Pelekai, Triton Kingston, Elsa Fries

District 5:

James Hawkins, Sharon Wineyard

District 6:

Audrey Ramires, Krystof Kaa

District 7:

Astrid Hofferman, Parker Lee

District 8:

Rapunzel Hastings, Rebecca Brooks, Wendy Darling, Zooey Ackerman, Sally Finklestein, Rick Charming

District 9:

Belle Moreau, Peter Pan

District 10:

Nala King, Fawn Bennett, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie Parker

District 11:

Merida Kincaid, Damian Carlisle

District 12:

Matt Hatter, Tiffany Bell

District Assignments

They are officially closed, the list will be going up in a minute, if your characters name is not on there than you aren’t playing. I’m going to move two characters and I will bold them so that way the muns can see what’s changed. I’m only doing it because I need a certain gender in those districts and I feel like these characters will do as well personality wise in the districts I put them in as they would in the district their mun put them in.

Last chance to get your characters in for Hunger Games week

If I don’t have you on my list by tomorrow when I log on you aren’t playing

District assignment deadline is Wednesday. If your name isn’t on the list then I don’t have you down and you will not be playing during our Hunger Games week

People who are participating in hunger games week:

  • Susan
  • Manda
  • Lizzy
  • Sami
  • Rhyan
  • Bianca
  • Court
  • Dani
  • Ally
  • Julie
  • Kellie
  • Katie
  • Karlee
  • Chelle
  • Riley
  • Carrie
Hello again Disney

Hello again Rick, everyone please follow and say hello

To the apps waiting in the inbox

I apologize, but mod Chelle has not come back from her “i need a new laptop” hiatus yet. The reason that I accepted my own application is because I’ve been planning this for a while and I’ve already cleared it with Chelle which is why it’s been accepted


Name: Court has a problem
Age: Ancient but not old enough to drink
Timezone: (Will be deleted for privacy)
Activity Level ( 1-10, 1 being least active, 10 being most active): Let’s be honest, I live here
RP Experience (How long): Don’t ask don’t tell
Personal Blog: (Will be deleted for privacy)

Character Name (full name please): Patrick James Charming
Birthday: February 15th, 1983
Time in Disney: He moved here when he was 28 so 3 years
Secret: A couple days after he was born, Rick was diagnosed with epilepsy. He’s been on medication for it for a long time and he hasn’t had a seizure in years but he has to live with the knowledge that it could happen at any time.
Bio: Patrick Charming was the second child born to George and Mary Charming and when Mary passed away due to complications with child birth he would be the last. He had his first seizure not long after he was born and was subsequently diagnosed with epilepsy. George took the infant home but worried that something would happen to his only son while he was at work so he hired a pretty little french woman named Renee to be the live in nurse for his son. 

Rick grew up in a mansion in France with his wealthy British business man father and his older sister Cassandra. When he was 4, his father married Renee, making his nurse his step-mother. He didn’t mind her, but he could tell that she only married George for the money because being his wife paid better than being his son’s nurse.

Rick didn’t have many friends growing up. Between his out of control epilepsy and his father bringing tutors into the home so his children didn’t have to go to public school, it wasn’t often that he got to socialize with kids his own age. His best friend growing up was Cassandra who was 4 years older than him. She was wild, vivacious, and everything that the reserved younger boy was not. When Rick was 14, Cassandra told her very reserved and conservative father that she was a lesbian and was promptly disowned from the Charming family. George told Rick that he wasn’t to speak to Cassandra anymore. Rick, being the good child, agreed to his fathers demands but continued to speak to his sister in secret. 

The next four years were hell for Rick. He was alone almost all the time, his epilepsy got worse, and he discovered that his father was having an affair. As soon as he was old enough, he left for college. His tutors were the best in France and his grades were good enough to get him into Cambridge. He enjoyed learning and getting away from his family. This, plus the addition of a new medicine, helped get his epilepsy under control. After completing his undergrad studies, he went to law school before finally getting a job in a law firm in London as a divorce lawyer.

He moved to Disney when he got the job and enjoyed the small town life. This would also be when he met Ms Wendy Darling. He felt that he was truly on the way to being in love with the girl when he got a call from Renee that his father was in the hospital. Being the good son that he was, Rick returned home to France to be with his dying father. He stayed there for three months, leaving shortly after the funeral to return home to Disney. 
Headcanons (Tell us some of the little quirks your character has):

  • He currently lives in an apartment with his sister Cassandra
  • He enjoys reading Shakespeare
  • He’s allergic to peanuts

Sample Paragraph (In character, 2 paragraphs): I have four other characters and I’m a mod, I hardly think that’s necessary

Possible Ships (No ships will happen unless approved by the other characters’ roleplayers): Wick. Wick 5ever. Happy birthday Katie my darling
FC Suggestion: Hiddles is perfect
Housing Request: Riverbend 1
Password: 10

District Assignments

If you haven’t gotten them in by Wednesday you aren’t playing.

Casual reminer

All district assignments are due by the time I log on on October 1st. If you haven’t sorted your character into a district by that time you will not be playing so get those district assignments in please

Hunger Games Updatei

Get your district assignments in please.

Districts that need peeps:

  • District 3: females
  • District 5: females
  • District 6: gents
  • District 8: gents
  • District 9: females and gents
  • District 11: gents

if you haven’t gotten your stuff in and aren’t sure what district to put your characters in, these districts could use some love