Just a couple notes

So tomorrow starts the games which means that if you have something in the normal universe to reply to, get it done now or have it wait a week. The games will be over on Sunday and then we’ll get back to your regularly scheduled rping. 

So, here’s the plan, everyone figure out your death. If you haven’t died by sunday i’ll just kill ya myself. This includes the peeps that are on an unannounced temporary hiatus. 

The arena: One side is bordered by a cliff that’s too perilous to climb, don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and try, it’ll be fun. The majority of the arena is forest with a huge meadow in the center which would be where the cornucopia is. On the other side is a huge lake, please try and swim it, make my day.

Any questions? No? Good. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.

would it be possible for make characters using crystal reed and gage golightly as fcs even if they are taken as minor fcs?

To use Crystal Reed you’d have to talk to Katie (our Wendy and Nando mun) because she’s the one with the claim on Crystal Reed. For Gage Golightly, since she’s mine I say go for it. Just be warned though, on the off chance that Angel gets a teenage M!A I’ll still be using Gage

Do you take OCs?

That would be something I’d have to talk about with Chelle, but my gut instinct is to say no, sorry darling

The victor of the 75th Annual Hunger Games

is under the cut. If you are playing please give me some sign that you’ve read this: a like, a message, a text. Something that acknowledges that you know your fate. If you aren’t playing and don’t want to know that’s perfectly fine.

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor

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Your tributes for the 75th Annual Hunger Games

From District 12: Matt Hatter and Tiffany Bell

From District 11: Damian Carlisle and Merida Kincaid

From District 10: Buzz Lightyear and Fawn Bennett

From District 9: Peter Pan and Isabelle Moreau

From District 8: Patrick Charming and Rapunzel Hastings

From District 7: Parker Lee and Astrid Hofferman

From District 6: Krystof Kaa and Audrey Ramires

From District 5: James Hawkins and Sharon Wineyard

From District 4: Sebastian Crabbe and Barbara Dolly

From District 3: Milo Thatch and Penny Forrester

From District 2: Ferdinand St. Clair and Anya Rominoff

From District 1: Ken Davis and Megara Olyph

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor

So, before I post the reaping results, here’s a little change

Because 98% of our characters are aged 24-27, it just isn’t feasible to assign everyone a year that they won without have like 6 people winning at age 12 and aging up others. 

So, every character is their current age (so Anya would be 26 and Astrid would be 21 etc) and you can pick the age that they won (so I’d say that Anya won at 16 and Astrid won at 17) but you don’t get a specific year. The number just don’t work out so no specific years for any victors (besides, it’s not the numbers we care about so it’s not a big deal)


Okay guys so the reaping is going to take place really soon I just have to do this one assignment first and I hope you guys are excited because I’m excited. WOOOT HUNGER GAMES


Hunger Games Info Update, please read, especially the bolded bit at the bottom

Okay so you’ll have to bear with my scatterbrained thoughts as I type this out. So the people playing are: Me (obviously), Julie, Ally, Karlee, Riley, Katie, Chelle, Bianca, Rhyan, Susan, Carrie, Dani, Sami, Lizzy, Manda, and Kellie. Everyone else, sorry but you don’t get to participate. 

The main purpose for this post is that I was watching Catching Fire and so I’m going to run these next couple weeks as follows. As of this post, our Hunger Games Week (which is actually closer to three weeks) is now open. Today the capitol has announced that for this years quarter quell, the tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of victors. For some of you (especially those in the lower districts) you know that this means that you are going back. The reason I’m opening Hunger Games Week up now, is for you guys to play with the psychological trauma that your characters probably have from their first games. If you want a PTSD flair-up, have fun. If you want a panic attack, go for it. You don’t have to, but I think it would be fun. This time would also be the perfect time to think about how your character won their games, just remember that the specific year they won will only be assigned to the ones who are reaped so don’t put down any years yet in your headcanons. Yes we would love to see your headcanons. Also on your list of things to think about is your relationships, if your ship is in the same district: are they married, do they have kids, etc. If your ship isn’t: is your character married to someone else, do they have a crush on their other half but have never done anything because they only see each other in the capitol, etc. Remember, you all are victors, you all know each other. Come to terms with the fact that if you’re back you’ll have to play kill or be killed with your friends.

Next Monday, I shall do the reaping. The victor of the 75th Hunger Games will be drawn that Wednesday so that gives everyone plenty of time to notice if they win or die (chances are you’re gonna die) and to figure out how they want to die. During this time, feel free to design the tribute parade outfit, to rp some training, to have tear-filled goodbyes to friends a family (especially those ships in the same district where one is going but the other isn’t, those that aren’t drawn will still be going as mentors), if you want to write-up how the interview with Cesar goes, that’s fair game too.

Now, the games will officially open on Monday the 19th and will go for a week. That part is pretty self-explanatory so I’m not going to go into any detail. Just remember that if you want your character to die by some mechanism of the arena go ahead and ask, I never leave this place so you’ll get a speedy response. I will be designing the arena and I will make sure that a description of it (because I cannot draw to save my life) is up for you to view no later than Sunday night before the games start.

Last thing, and this is the part that I want everyone to take note of, during these next two weeks, feel free to rp the intro to the games but also feel free to continue rping like normal. When the games officially start it will be only Hunger Games so for those lovelies not playing you’ll unfortunately have to sit back and relax for a week. While the normal rping is still going on, all Hunger Games posts need to have that information in the original starter. So for example I would put something like: I don’t wanna go back | Open | Hunger Games, just so everyone knows that this is a hunger games post and we don’t have someone talking about school and someone talking about games in the same post.

If you have any questions just come talk to me, I don’t bite….much

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor,


Hunger Games District Assignments

District 1:

Angelica DiNozzo, Esmeralda Chatigner, Sawyer Tanner, Megara Olyph, Markos Olyph, Ken Davis

District 2:

Anya Rominoff, Ferdinand St. Clair, Jacksen Skellington, Callum Westwood

District 3:

Bryce Wineyard, Milo Thatch, Penny Forrester

District 4:

Avery Skellington, Nemo Fisher, Sebastian Crabbe, Barbie Dolly, Lilo Pelekai, Triton Kingston, Elsa Fries

District 5:

James Hawkins, Sharon Wineyard

District 6:

Audrey Ramires, Krystof Kaa

District 7:

Astrid Hofferman, Parker Lee

District 8:

Rapunzel Hastings, Rebecca Brooks, Wendy Darling, Zooey Ackerman, Sally Finklestein, Rick Charming

District 9:

Belle Moreau, Peter Pan

District 10:

Nala King, Fawn Bennett, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie Parker

District 11:

Merida Kincaid, Damian Carlisle

District 12:

Matt Hatter, Tiffany Bell

District Assignments

They are officially closed, the list will be going up in a minute, if your characters name is not on there than you aren’t playing. I’m going to move two characters and I will bold them so that way the muns can see what’s changed. I’m only doing it because I need a certain gender in those districts and I feel like these characters will do as well personality wise in the districts I put them in as they would in the district their mun put them in.