Can I reserve Merida, please?

Yes you may dear

Sally Finklestein| 25 | Works at Evangeline’s Jewelry | FC: Kate Mara | TAKEN

Secret: With her father controlling every moment of her life; Sally searched out a way to take control for even a slight moment. She found in a book a way to make yourself feel real, to take away all the stress and pain of life. It started out small, little cuts on her thighs, as she entered her teen years where she wanted someone to notice her (Jack), when she wanted someone to come take her away the cuts got deeper and started to move along her stomach, chest, and arms. On the night her father told her that she wouldn’t be attending University, she cut too deep on her wrists causing massive bleeding and loss of conciseness. When she awoke her wounds were stitched up and her father and ransacked her room taking away anything that could be used to harm. Even after she moved out when things get tough she still seeks solace in her blades. 

Bio: Sally Renee Finklestein the only child of the elusive and sometimes creepy Dr. Finklestein. Growing up the only child of a Dr. and living in a smallish town would seem like a dream to most people. Sally could tell you that it was normally a nightmare. With a mother never in the picture to teach her those things all mothers teacher their daughters and an over-protective father that refused to let her do anything normal. As most small children, Sally would repeatedly ask her father where and who her mother was only to get the same answer, you don’t have a mother, I created you myself. At first; not knowing anything about conception; Sally believed him until she was old enough to understand, but by then there were other problems.

In school Sally was a quite shy girl not use to being around her peers. She often kept her nose stuck away in books and was always requesting extra homework. In grade school the kids would invite her to their birthday parties but her father always forbid it; and as the years went on the party invites got fewer and fewer until everyone forgot about little Sally. As Sally entered high school she spent most of her time in the library but her over studying of courses pushed her into the AP courses where she excelled even more. It was her Freshmen year of high school that she saw Jacksen Skellington a senior and rumored bad boy. But there was something about those dark eyes that drew her too him like a moth to a flame. Although she’d bet anything that he never saw her; and she was okay with watching him from a distance.

Once high school was over Sally planned on going to Disney University for English; when her father found out that she was ‘wasting her brains in gook’ he refused to pay for it and told her to go out and find a job. That she did, ending up at Evangeline’s Jewelry where she was able to save up enough money to move in to a small one bedroom apartment in the West Wing Apartment Complex. Once moved out she cut most ties with her father who would call every hour on the hour or drop by at random, which he still did.

do you guys have a plot page? or something that helps us understand more about the storyline?

The problem with your ask my dear nony is that there is no storyline. The basis of our rp is that the Disney (and some non Disney) characters are in the real world and always have been. We give our muns the chance to create a backstory for them and then they all live in the town of Disney England. There are no set ships or set plots, everything is decided by the muns not by us. I hope that answers your question

Anna Fries | 23 | Student at Disney University | FC: Bonnie Wright | TAKEN

Secret:    Talking to people, especially family friends, makes her extremely nervous. She spent many years in speech therapy to try and rid herself of her dreadful stutter that she has when talking to anyone but Elsa.

Bio:   Anna grew up in a simple family. Her father worked and fully provided for the family, while her mother stayed home and took care of Anna and her big sister Elsa. Anna was always a shier girl, hiding behind her mother when people came to the door, staring at the floor to avoid eye contact. The only time she was comfortable enough to let herself be loose and silly, and almost a little sassy, was around Elsa. There was something about Anna’s older sister that always made her feel safe. Her mother made the mistake of homeschooling her the first few years of primary school, not allowing Anna to work on her social skills. By the time she was switched into mainstream learning her shyness gotten worse. She hid in the bathrooms during lunch and recess, and kept her head down as much as possible to avoid being called on in class. Nobody really took much notice of her until one boy in her class caught her with her stutter. Then his teasing was relentless. Anna had to find new places to hide and went home immediately after school to go to speech therapy. The therapy only helped so much, it did nothing to conquer the fear she felt when she knew she was expected to speak, and worse, say something intelligent. When she did speak it was often a mess of words spilling out as she tried to make her racing thoughts clear. Though, she did notice that the more familiar she was with someone the less she stuttered. That was the nice thing about growing up in Disney, it was small enough that she didn’t have to worry about too many strangers. Recently Anna has been searching for the proper job for herself so she can finally stop making her parents take care of her. The only problem is finding a job where speaking to customers, or people in general, is kept to a minimum, or even her great work ethic won’t be enough to keep her from being fired.

Todd Bailey | 24 | Cashier at Disney Market | FC: Andrew Garfield | TAKEN

Secret:   Todd was orphaned because his parents were both attacked by the mob one night, his dad being a drug dealer in the area. Since they were trying to keep some of the money for their future family instead of turning it in, they were killed. Todd doesnt know why his parents died only that they did. Later in life, Todd and his Adoptive Mother parted on bad terms. After a fight they had about the farm and the choices his mom had made, she angrily told him to get out and not come back, that she was done caring for him, and that he didnt appreciate what she had done for them. Todd was offended and angry so he took her advice, leaving. He has resentment and wants to find her again, but is wary about leaving this new life he has built.

Bio: Todd grew up out in the woodsy country side. He was orphaned at a young age, and raised by his adoptive mother. As a child, Todd met his best friend Caleb Copper and they were inseparable.Many adventures were had by these two, running through the grasses, playing hide and go seek in the groves. His childhood was a happy one, and things were good for a long time. The older Todd grew, the more disapproving Caleb’s father became of him, soon banning Caleb from hanging out with Todd. Todd had become that one, the “bad influence”. And before long, best friends became strangers. 

After that friendship ended, it seemed like things only continued to get worse. At one point his mother couldn’t afford to keep the farm running, with her getting older it was getting harder, and had it sold to a well to do family. Todd was furious, angry at her for making this “executive decision” without consulting him.The two fought, and Todd was told never to come back. Though his mother only said this in he heat of the moment, Todd took this to heart, leaving the farm and her behind. New cities seemed to see his face constantly he never liked staying in the same place for two long. Finding Disney was a coincidence, and one of the best things to happen to him. Taking in a job as a cashier, Todd soon grew to love Disney life.But he cant get one thing out of his mind, his mom that he left behind. Not to mention the nagging feeling he has when he thinks about his real parents, the ones he never knew. Though Disney is a place he loves, will the questions eventually make his exit?

Anya Rominoff | 25 | Bartender at No Worries | FC: Scarlett Johansson | TAKEN

Secret: At the age of 17, Anya got knocked up. She knew that she couldn’t support a child or even afford to carry to term so she got an abortion.

Bio: Anastasia Romanov was born to a wealthy Russian family. She had three older sisters and a younger brother. When she was 6, her entire family was brutally murdered. With the help of a young boy who worked in the mansion, her and her grandmother escaped. When they were escaping, she got separated from her grandmother and she got knocked unconscious.

Somehow, the young girl ended up Disney England with no memory of who she was. She was a selective mute for about 6 months. The only time she spoke was when she told the people who worked at the orphange that her name was Anya Rominoff. She slowly became close friends with Meg and Sam. The three of them assumed that she originally was from Russia because whenever she got really excited or upset she would revert to Russian but they kept that to themselves because she didn’t talk much around anyone else and she didn’t want anyone to treat her any different.

Slowly, the shy little girl started to become more social and sassier. She made friends and enemies and became a little bit of a rebel. When people told her what to do she would inevitably do the exact opposite which got her in quite a bit of trouble with her teachers. The only one she listened to was Meg because the older girl was a little scary when she was mad.

When she reached the age of 17, her life spiraled downward. Everything went to shit and she pretty much gave up. She started smoking, drinking at more than just parties, and sleeping around. After her little wake up call, she managed to pull herself out of the nice hole she had dug and turn her life around. She got an apartment and a job at the bar and became a better person.

Nala King | 23 | Student (Zoology Major) | FC: Emma Roberts | Taken

Secret:   She had a twin brother who died at birth and that is why her parents traveled so much—they wanted to get away from the child who only brought back bad memories. 

Bio:   Nala was born and raised in Disney. It was years before she found out that she had a twin brother who died at birth. It is now that she realizes that her brother’s death is the reason that her parents spent so much time away from home. They traveled all over the world visiting exotic countries to study the wildlife. Hence, why Nala is now attending the university and studying Zoology, hoping to open her own rehabilitation zoo or become a veterinarian to exotic animals. 

Because her parents were always gone, she often stayed with the Leon’s. Despite being 4 years younger, Nala could always keep up with Simba and often beat him at his own game by pinning him. In a way she became one of the boys, and as they got older, she only got closer him. 

Her parents eventually moved away from Disney, leaving her with some money. Nala put most of it in a savings account to gain interest over the years. She’ll often take up little jobs here and there on campus just to help some of the professors out. Her main job is being a student and studying her butt off to graduate.

Kovu Tau | 20 | Studying the Art of War at Uni (aka War History) | FC: Avan Jogia | TAKEN

Secret:   Plays the tough guy card because he wants to prove he’s worth everyone’s time, though it often gets him caught in trouble to do this. He also really wants to find out who his birth parents are

Bio:  Kovu always felt like he was the outsider. He was told when he was little that he was adopted, and even though sometimes he was favored over the other kids, he could never get over the fact that he felt like he didn’t belong.  In London, he grew up pretty much lower class. He never had much money, only enough to provide the necessities and a little more.  Kovu was bullied and picked on for his “lower” status, and often didn’t stand up for himself. And when he told his parents what was happening, they told him he should be getting angry at the other kids for treating him worse. His parents raised him to believe in certain things, to believe in the harsh life style of hating those who had it better than him, of revenge, and hatred. His parents even wanted him to hate his birth parents for leaving him behind, telling him that they left him behind so they could have a better life on their own without him.

It was shocking that Kovu was taught such things by his parents, at such a young age as well. But as the boy grew, he started thinking for himself, started to rebel against his parents. He was angered by them and angered by society. He broke the rules they set for him. But it was a little hypocritical. He never stopped believing the ideas they had set for him. Kovu still thought he was in the wrong. When he got out of high school, the boy just really hoped for a chance to get out of the house, which is why he wanted to go to college so bad. Though he really doesn’t like schooling, even if he has the smarts, he wanted to get away from home so much, that he was willing to go there. So after some struggling to pull together the money, he was able to go to Disney University. Kovu now studies there, his major being Art of War. Now, has a young adult, Kovu just practices acting like a badass. Though he keeps up that tough façade, inside he’s really just a playful kid. But that burning thought that pesters any orphan sits in his mind. Who were his real parents and why would they leave him behind?