Hey guys

Chelle and I are trying to get another AU week for you guys but before we put our ideas up for you to vote on we were wondering if you had any ideas of an AU week that you’d like to put on our list?

Name: Lyra
Age: 20
Timezone: Pacific
Activity Level ( 1-10, 1 being least active, 10 being most active): 6 Because school and baby sitting
RP Experience (How long): 7 years
Personal Blog: (Will be deleted for privacy) Doesn’t have one. I can just be reached via text and anyone can ask for my number ahahaaaa,

Character Name (full name please): Kida Williams
Birthday: June 3rd 1987
Time in Disney: Uuhh however long she’s been there.
Secret: She started drinking after her father died, and even though she doesn’t want to lose any more patients, she still ends up loosing some and when she does, she gets so drunk that she’s out for days. 
Bio: The Bio She has is Perfect as is. 
Headcanons (Tell us some of the little quirks your character has): 

  • She takes three shots of Vodka every night before she goes to bed. And drinks a glass of wine with dinner. 
  • She is actually very scared of marriage, because she’s scared she’s going to be abandon her children like her mother abandoned her. 

Sample Paragraph (In character, 2 paragraphs):

Possible Ships (No ships will happen unless approved by the other characters’ roleplayers): All current ships are fine 
FC Suggestion: Jessica Stroup
Housing Request: Same as is.
Password: 10

This is Disney

Nestled in the heart of England is an ever-growing town filled with normal people. They live and die, love and breed. They live their lives day to day, waiting to see how they’ll end up. However, things are not always as they seem in a place called Disney.

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what about kiko mizuhara as chihiro instead? and michelle dockery as sophie from howl's moving castle

I’ll definitely use Michelle as Sophie that’s a great idea. As for using Kiko, I think she would be a great Chihiro, but I also think that Fan would be a good Chihiro so I’ll leave her as Fan for right now, but if you want to apply for Chihiro you can totally request Kiko as her FC and we’ll change it for you if that makes sense

Chihiro Sen | 20 | Linguistics Student at Disney Uni | FC: Fan Bingbing | OPEN

Secret: (Up to roleplayer)

Bio: (Up to roleplayer)

Emanuel “Manny” Oswald | 39 | Garbage Collector | FC: Timothy Spall | OPEN

Secret: (Up to roleplayer)

Bio: (Up to roleplayer)

Announcing Studio Ghibli Characters

Since my roommate made me start watching Studio Ghibli films I’ve had the desire to make them (and a desire for a more diverse cast of face claims) so our first studio ghibli based character is in the queue now and more will be up eventually


Wally Ellgert | 18 | Student | FC: Keegan Allen | OPEN

Secret: (Up to roleplayer)

Bio: (Up to roleplayer)

Francis Litt | 43 | Lawyer | FC: Rick Hoffman | OPEN

Secret: (Up to roleplayer)

Bio: (Up to roleplayer)