Okay bbs, hunger games question

Do you want to do it as a normal hunger games where everyone is between 12 and 18 and no one has ever been reaped before, or do you want to do it like the quarter quell in catching fire and have everyone be a former victor (with the youngest character being the most recent and going from there). Another possibility would be to do a male and female victor and tribute from each district so that way more characters can participate.

Majority vote will win, voting will end on the 10th. Please either reply to this post or message the main with your vote.

Reopened Character

The character of Abu has been reopened. Everyone please unfollow Abu

Character announcement

Taffyta has been reopened. Don’t worry about trying to unfollow her as the account has been removed

Don’t forget

You can send in the district assignments for your characters for our upcoming Hunger Games Week. 

Just a reminder

If you’ve decided which district that you want your characters to be in for Hunger Games week you can send them in so we can get that info on file. 

If you haven’t read the “how we’re doing this” post but you want to, click here.

In a quaint little town nestled in the woods; Magic is stirring and it cannot be good; For each fair player there is only one; On whom a magic spell has overcome; So go and find it if you dare; And let chaos and magic free in the air

Uh oh guys, looks like some mischievous anon has been casting some spells.

Hunger Games week info

Okay here’s how this is gonna work, so please pay attention to what I’m telling you. because I know school is starting soon for everyone (and because school doesn’t start for me until the end of September) our AU week will be in October, probably close to Halloween to give everyone adequate time to get back into the school game.

Now, as for the week itself, think of Chelle and I as the game makers. You guys get to pick which district each of your characters is in. We’ll keep track of that for you and remind you of what you picked when we get closer to the week. At the start of the week will be the reaping. Like in the actual Hunger Games, there will be one male tribute and one female tribute picked from each district and Chelle and I will pick who gets reaped. We will also pick who is the victor of the games. Allow me to repeat that CHELLE AND I ARE GOING TO PICK THE VICTOR OF THE GAMES. 

Allow me to explain this more fully. I know that you guys wouldn’t do this, but I still worry that if we left the victor open to you guys to decide, we would have 24 victors and 24 tributes who should be been killed but someone managed to avoid all fatal injuries. Therefore, the victor will be picked by us and we will make sure that you all know who the victor is going to be. If your character is in the games but isn’t the victor, it’s up to you to decide when and how your character is killed. Feel free to plot it with another player, just make sure that it does happen. Don’t worry though, this is an AU week so no deaths are final once we get back to normal.

Also, and this is the last few notes for now, we will try and make sure that every mun gets a character in the games so that way everyone can participate. If you don’t want to, let us know so that way we don’t worry about getting your character in a district for the reaping. Because we want all characters to have the opportunity to participate, we will be adjusting ages of characters. What I mean is, because the Hunger Games is for ages 12-18 and our characters are older than that, there will be an age range assigned to each of those seven ages (example, all our teenagers will be 12. Everyone over 40 will be 18 etc). 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. As soon as you’ve picked out which district you would like your characters to be in just let us know. I’m excited for this and I hope you are too.


AU Week Voting Results

The votes are in and the winner is……..Hunger Games. Thanks everyone who voted, if your favorite didn’t win don’t worry we’ll keep those other ideas around for our next AU week. The information on how we’re going to run this will be going up soon so stay tuned for that.


AU Week Voting


Only 1 week left guys. The people I have that have voted are:

Ally, Dani, Kellie, Bianca, Carrie, Karlee, Court, Lizzy, Rhyan, Chelle, Lyn, Katie, Susan, and Elyse

If you don’t see your name on that list it means that either you haven’t voted or for some reason I haven’t gotten it counted.

For information on how the voting works, click here

For the ideas and voting, click here

Update: Voting will end when I get home from work on Thursday. So if you don’t see your name on that list up top that means that I don’t have a vote counted for you.

I know this isn’t official stuff but,

RIP Robin Williams, we will miss you. You gave us many laughs and filled our lives with sunshine. As a Disney RP I have to give credit to you for helping making Aladdin the great movie that it is. 

that’s all i have to say